Saturday, December 17, 2005

And more survivors speak...

Yorkshire Lass in London was on my train when it blew up. She was raised a few miles away from where Mohammed Sidique Kahn and his fellow bombers lived.

'When I watched the Al-Qaeda video declaring Jihad against the UK I was
haunted by the familiarity of the voice, it was my voice, my accent, my dialect.
This is not a man who was recruited and trained in some far off country that I
have barely heard of, this was a man who was recruited and trained while he
lived 20 minutes from my mother's home where I was born and raised.The words he spoke of are words similar to what I have heard many times from disillusioned
young men that I studied for my A Levels with. They are the words of hatred I
overheard when I worked as a support worker at my local college. They were words of students who were educated...'

Yorkshire lass continues, demanding answers to homegrown horror:

'...when someone follows through with the actions of those opinions to the detriment of others, questions need to be asked why preventions were not put in place and this needs to be done by public inquiry for peace of mind.I have been told that I am looking for justice in the wrong place and in some way that is right. However, I want some sort of justice, some manner of peace of mind, some questions answered and resolutions made. I don't want others to have to go through what myself and hundreds of other commuters did on that Summer's day.'

She too calls for understanding, for our leaders to listen.

'I want understanding.I understand it will cost money and take time. I understand that this may not be my answer, that there might not be an answer, but are we not owed that much? The recent history of public inquiries is not a glossy one, can the Government not take this opportunity to do at least one thing properly in this whole messy situation?I have already lost faith in the politicians of this country and voter apathy makes me believe that I am not on my own on this. What sort of leader does not listen to the people he is meant to lead? You cannot put a price on the loss of 52 human lives, you cannot put a price on human suffering. You can listen and try create some understanding. It may not be the right answer, it may not even be an answer but we just want to be heard.'

Ask for a public inquiry into July 7th - click the link above


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