Saturday, September 03, 2005

Did I mention the war?

When even Kenneth Clarke says Tony Blair is the only person in Britain who doesn't think there's a link between his policy of following George Bush into an illegal war and occupation without any thought as to the consequences post-invasion,

when families of soldiers who died in Iraq are appealing against the government's refusal to hold an independent inquiry into its legality

when the bomber of 7/7 states in a Yorkshire accent that it's about 'the bombing, gassing, inprisonment and torture' of 'his' people

when it's obvious that Bush's foreign policies are a disaster, that Blair cravenly followed him into his stupid wars, that people are getting blown up every day and shot at and killed and kidnapped and beaten and that people are frightened and angry and Iraq may spiral into civil war,

when it's clear that Afghanistan, Iraq are feeding the flames of hate, that extremists are seizing upon them as examples of a 'Crusader' agenda,

when the prisoners of Guantanamo Bay choose to starve themselves because they still are held without trial for three years

and the torture and humiliation of people in Abu Ghraib is seen all over the world and still there is no apology, no attempt to learn from what happens,

when all that is going on, can I mention Iraq now? Can I say to my democratically-elected holidaying Prime Minister YOUR STUPID FOREIGN POLICY AND SPECIFICALLY YOUR ASSOCIATION WITH THE FUNDEMENTALIST SPOILED SON OF AN OIL MILLIONNAIRE WITH AN AGENDA TO FEED OFF TERROR AND PROFIT FROM WAR IS DANGEROUS AND CRIMINALLY STUPID? And your actions nearly got me killed and you are morally responsible for the deaths and woundings of hundreds of thousands.

How can Blair refuse to admit what is so obvious? The policies he and Bush have pursued to allegedly 'protect' us from terrorism have inflamed the extremists and angered the moderate and sickened the electorate because it seems that even he, Blair barely believes what he is saying anymore.

How dare he continue to lie and claim that the deaths and injuries of July 7th had nothing to do with his foreign policy and his alliance with that idiot Bush?

Even Fox News is now disgusted with Bush. His appalling response to the dreadful disaster is finally showing what a hopeless leader he is. Why is my country involved with this man?

We deserve better than this.

All over the world, people deserve better leaders than this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

After reading your post I am commenting again (rare I like to keep a low profile) war seems such a can of worms to me. I am completely against the war, I was from the start but it makes me so angry when terrorist try and justify evil by the war. No matter how wrong it is to be at war how can anyone justify directing their anger and hatred at those of us who demonstrated against it? Does this make any sense or am I rambling?


September 05, 2005 6:30 pm  
Blogger Rachel said...

Terror cannot be justified. If people feel strongly about things they can vote, protest, speak out, form groups, write, strike...there are hundreds of ways of raising awareness of their cause. And if all this fails, and you hate the world so much, you can do final thing. You can blow your self up. You can set your self on fire. Not that I condone this, but is a final option I suppose. There is no justification for blowing other people up. Ever. Even if they did support the war.

Invading countries with the intended purpose of 'Shocking and Aweing' the civilain population - that is - intending to massively traumatise them, blowing up their city - then showing yourself singularly incapable of having a plan for dealing with the consequences of coming in all guns blazing - doesn't help though.

If you are going to have a go at people for bombing civilain targets it helps if you adhere to the same high-minded principles yourself. And whilst my leaders fail me in this way - I, and my fellow passengers remain endangered.

And I'm angry enough about it; god knows how I'd feel if I was a hotheaded ideaological young fool under the spell of a hate-filled zealot showing me atrocity videos. I don't condone. I don't understand. I don't justify the actions of terrorists. Blowing people up is wrong. Whether they are 200,000 Iraqis or 25 commuters.

I wish I'd been able to put my point of view across to Germaine Lindsey before he blew himself up at 8.50am two months ago.

September 05, 2005 9:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel like you've just said what I wanted to but a whole lot better.


September 06, 2005 7:46 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you saying Blair nearly got you killed is spot on. What infuriates me is that he's quite safe behind the armoured No.10, and he's protected from any possible threat to himself. Perhaps if he wasn't he'd be a little more careful before putting the rest of us into harms way.

November 17, 2005 12:26 pm  

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