Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bronchitis.Bloody typical.

Still, at least I got paid today. And the bank - who I went mental at when I discovered they had not even managed to process the fraud claim - it hadn't even left my local bank's desk! - have suddenly said they are going to refund the £2900 that vanished due to card cloning just before I went on holiday. So at least I'm not overdrawn anymore. Shouting and threatening to expose them in the newspaper clearly works.( 'My friend is writing a feature on bank response to card cloning you know, and compared to Barclays and Lloyds, you are beyond rubbish...')

It continues to rain and rain and rain, and generally be as crap as possible. A week ago I was paragliding through brilliant skies looking at sun sparkling off the sea and the curve of the earth. With an instructor sharing the parachute, I ran off the top of a 6500 ft mountain and floated down; it took 45 minutes. And was absolutely amazing.

I was going to write about it but what to say? It was wild, terrifying, peaceful, beautiful, serene, adrenalising all at once. When I work out how to make my new digital camera upload movies and pictures onto my website I will put some images up. A project for the long weekend, I think. Especially as I am now officially ill and not alllowed to drink because of the antibiotics.

Really, though, I hope my luck changes soon. Though I still think of myself as lucky. But being blown up, robbed of thousands and now going down with some Victorian workhouse disease - thus missing a the rocktastic Kerrang Awards after-party and the Bank Holiday Notting Hill Carnival celebrations - sucks arse.

Thank God for the new series of 24 on DVD. I find it oddly relaxing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hiya rachel

yeah..."24" ia cool...kiefer sutherland is a great actor just like his dad donald.


seth :)

August 28, 2005 6:29 pm  

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